Top 6 must-do things in Sapa (Part 2)


3. Try steamed glutinous rice with seven colors of Nung Dinh people

Nung people are always proud of their steamed glutinous rice with seven colors here. This dish is very special and splendid with natural colors. It is also called “xoi bay mau” in Vietnam- a traditional dish served in festivals of Nung Dinh ethnic in Muong Khuong province.

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To make delicious Xoi ngu sac, it is necessary to select the best glutinous rice and fresh water from Muong Lo Stream because it helps make the food more delicious and fragrant. In addition to its tastiness, it also implies a historical meaning. In accordance with Nung people’s stories, each color of this dish represents each month in the struggle of Nung Din people lasting from January to July here. Green from banana leaf represents the spring, scarlet is the color of blood from people who died for the struggle, yellow is for the agonies, vermilions for the magnanimous victory.

On market day in Lao Cai, visitors will not only see colorful costumes and try the steamed glutinous rice containing the essence of mountain and forest. Come here once, there is no doubt you will come back again because you already fall for the typical and amazingly delicious cuisine and atmosphere in Sapa.

Silver waterfall via Khach san Sapa

4. Explore the Silver waterfall

Lying beside National Highway No 4D, Silver water fall is about 12 km from Sapa Town’s centre. Thanks to water source from the Lo Sui Tong mountain peak, this beautiful waterfall is formed. Being watched from afar, the waterfall is like a white dragon looking down from the sky. You can travel the Silver Waterfall by motor bike or by car for half an hour. It would worth a stopping by with the award of a stunning view of spectacular mountains and the forests in Hoang Lien National Park.

5. Visit Muong Khuong market

Muong Khuong is a district of Lao Cai province, it’s far from Lao Cai 50 km and 90 km from Sapa. The Muong Khuong Sunday market is the biggest one of the area. Visiting the market is a great chance to experience fully traditional culture and lifestyles of ethnic minorities.

Muong Khuong Sunday market via Sapa Trekking Homestay

Every Sundays, the locals hold a special market where gathers many local products for sell and trade such as: handicraft, cattle, vegetable, traditional incense and local products, embroidered brocade pieces. Your trip will be highlighted by new discoveries, and be full of colors and excitement of new experience.

6. Visiting Sapa food court

There is a Sapa food court right next to Sapa central square, in front of Sapa church. The area is particularly lively at night with many grilled dishes such as: grilled egg, grilled heart and stomach, grilled chicken, chestnut, etc.

In particular, visitors to Sapa cannot ignore the other attractive food such as Lam rice cooked in bamboo pipes, Tao Meo liquor, Ban Pho corn liquor, grilled stream fish, salmon, boiled corn, etc. Before buying, make sure you ask the price first.

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