Getting around Langkawi, Malaysia


Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands in Malaysia that is the home to some of the most beautiful beaches in this country. Langkawi is also popular amongst travelling nature enthusiasts and adventure-seekers due to its rich landscape of untouched rainforests and exotic wildlife.

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Langkawi has a network of roads that are currently being upgraded stage-by-stage. Still, it is easy to get around by taxis but the fares lie a little on the pricey side as Langkawi is after all, a tourist destination. You can choose to rent your own vehicles or take a taxi, whichever is most convenient.

By Car

After ascending from the ferry, numerous car rental agents will usually swarm around the Kuah jetty exit, peddling their cars at various prices. Prices can start from RM30 a day for a compact car and deposits can range anywhere from RM50 to 100. Note that this only applies during low season. Expect to much more, up to RM80 plus for car rentals during peak periods.

Travel by Car via Travel BLAT

Alternatively, you can make arrangements for a car in Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis with one of many car rental agents waiting around the ferry counters and then pick up your transport upon reaching the island.

Cars can also be rented from booths at the airport.

By Motorbike

Motorbikes (especially scooters) and bicycles are also available for rent. Motorbikes can go for up to RM25 per day during the peak seasons but they are still cheaper than renting a car. Always ensure you wear a helmet as it is required by law and also for common-sense safety. Usually, they are not strict in seeing a valid license.

By Bus

You can choose to rough it out and wait for a bus instead, but their stops are limited to a few places and the wait is long. There is a bus station in front of the City Bayview Hotel and they run from the jetty to the centre of town. The only other destination for buses is Pantai Cenang. However buses are few.

Taxi in Langkawi via Wikimedia Commons

By Taxi

This is the most convenient way of getting around but it suffers from the drawback of being expensive. A short trip can easily cost you up to RM15. However, you don’t have to pay deposits and you can charter the taxi for the day to bring you around and wait for you while visiting places around the island. Taxis are most often found mulling around the jetty airport exits but it is relatively easy to flag down a cab anywhere across the island.

Other Alternatives

Some resorts also offer their own vehicles for rent to their guests or even chauffer and van shuttle services. Check with them for their availability.

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