Sapa – The heaven gate in the earth


Sapa is a beautiful land where you can truly escape from the busy noisy urban routines. As one of the most visited places in North of Vietnam, Sapa is not just a perfect place to rest and relax, but also very interesting to discover. Sapa is a right place where the heaven, the earth and people reunite.

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Far away to the center of Vietnam, to be in Sapa, you have to catch a train or bus from Hanoi. It takes about 8 – 9 hours to get there. At the height of 1500 meters, it’s pretty hard to believe that there is a such beautiful, poetic, fascinating and also bustling town.

Sapa via Vietravel

Situated at the high valley in North-West of Vietnam, closed to the temperate zone and surrounded by huge forest, that’s the reason why climate at Sapa is fresh and usually cold. In summer, you can experience the climate of four season in just one day. In the morning, it is pretty cool because the sun hasn’t fully risen yet. When the sun is at top of sky, the climate is warmer then the morning. But when the evening comes, the cloud begin to surround this town and so does the dews, that’s time when you start to feel cold again, just like in autumn. And finally, at the midnight, when the warm of our sun is totally disappeared, Sapa is cold like winter. Where else you can experience the same climate change!

The beauty of Sapa

The beauty of Sapa has impressed tourists from all around the world for very long time. In the 1940s, French people have come to Sapa and built resorts, made Sapa becomes one of the most ideal place to relax in the North. Standing in the middle of the town, you have the perfect view to see the green of huge forest, dimmed under white dew, and together with light blue sky, it creates a poetic picture of the magnificent nature of Vietnam. In the middle of the heart of Mother Nature, you could feel small, but you will feel peace. Escape from noisy capital, from the busy life, where else is more improbable than Sapa to be the perfect place to relax.

Ham Rong mountain via Wikipedia

Mountain is one of the first thing that a tourist have to discover Sapa. Right near the center town, the Ham Rong mountain impress you by the shape of the mountain top. Our Mother Nature has given it Ham Rong’s top a look like dragon’s mouth. On the way to Ham Rong, you could admire many kinds of lovely flowers and trees particularly seen in Asia. Until you get to the top of Ham Rong, the whole town is right in front of your own eyes. But that isn’t the most incredible thing in Sapa, yet. If you’re a fan of climbing, then you must hear about Fansipan – a famous mountain of Indochina. Many people has tried to conquer the top of Fansipan, which is on the height of 3143 meters. The journey might weaken your strength, but once you get there, every thing is worthy. Because, at the end, you’re on the top of Indochina.

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