Sapa: explore must-try experiences (Part 3)


Visit Sapa stone church

Sapa stone church is located in the center of Sapa town. This church is the most impressive one of French architecture. In addition to many tourist destinations such as Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat village, Ham Rong Mountain, the Heaven Gate. This is one of the most attractive destinations in the Sapa tour.

>>  Sapa – The heaven gate in the earth

Located in the center of Sapa town, Sapa ancient stone church, built in 1895, is considered to be one of the oldest surviving French architectural landmarks. The church has been repaired and preserved after the war in the past. Now it’s becoming an indispensable image when referring to Sapa.

Every day, ethnic groups are crowded here trading, exchanging goods. This is also the place where every Saturday, there is the voice of the couple in the love market filled with ethnic culture. At Christmas, most parishioners gather here – the parish priest of Sapa to celebrate, pray, and dance. Catholics come to the ancient church of Sapa are mostly ethnic people.

Sapa stone church via YouTube

The ancient stone church consists of seven large rooms of 500 m2, the bell tower is 20 meters high, in tower with a bell high 1.5 meters, cast in 1932, weighs 500 kg, resonates within a radius of nearly 1 km. At present, on the surface of the bell is clearly recorded, the number of people donating money cast bell. This church of Sapa is the destination for many visitors whenever they have opportunity to come here. Although a number of renovations, renovations due to war and the devastation of nature, but the church retains the charm and soul of religious architecture.

Since its establishment, Sapa stone church has always been the place where many traditional cultural activities of ethnic groups have taken place. Right in front of the cathedral is the yard and perennial, where every Saturday evening there is a unique cultural activity of ethnic minorities known as “ love market“. With the flute, the trumpet, the lips, the earnest and the chanting of the boys, the H’Mong, the Dzao … Along with the prayer activities that take place in the weekend make The church’s interior is more sparkling, fanciful and incredibly charismatic.

Sample the love-wine made from the Sapa love fruit

Coming to  Sapa, you are not only attracted by the beautiful scenery of nature, the specialties of the misty northwestern country, but also be stunned with aromatic wine called Wine of love here. It’s made from the Sapa love fruit.

Sapa love fruit wine via Ruou Que

The special wine is made from “love fruit”, this fruit is also known as “sour fruit” or actually Meo apple. The Meo apple trees are grown up on Hoang Lien Son Range. These trees were grown up with rain ,wind and sunny in High land, so they are enough bitterness sour – sweet up. Apple trees start blooming in the late spring (April-March) and has fruit in the autumn. This fruit is called the love fruit.

About the name of “love fruit”, the ethnic people here said: The boys, girls here when not in love, just drink the same bowl of sweet cider, sour. They will get drunk, sweet as the wishful wish of each other for life. Meo apple trees starts to bloom in late spring and have fruit in early autumn. You can buy apples to soak white wine at the market of the H’Mong people. For buying the wine, you could refer to Rendezvous restaurant: famous wine from Meo apples.

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