Sapa: explore must-try experiences (Part 2)


Walking across Cloud Bridge in the fog

Cau May (Cloud Bridge) is located in Ta Van village, about 17 km southeast of Sapa town. From the road visitors can go along the path about 3 km. The bridge crosses the Muong Hoa river next to luxuriant flowers.

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This bridge is beautiful and it is sometimes covered with clouds in the morning. Over a long time, the bridge now is only used for the purpose of tourism.

If you are lucky, you can see Cloud Bridge in the fog above the Muong Hoa River, fog covered all the bridge. The feeling of bloating when passing through the bridge just like walking in the clouds, the name Cloud Bridge are born with the same meaning. Although the bridge has been degraded over time, it is still worth visiting.

Cloud Bridge via Du lich

To get across this bridge requires the courage of visitors because each step of the bridge is about 20 cm apart. When going over here, if you look down, you will feel dizzy. However, many visitors still choose this place as a testament to their courage. This is also considered an unforgettable experience when traveling to Sapa. Once you have conquered this bridge, along the way, you will find a beautiful waterfall, local people call this waterfall Giang Ta Chai.

Conquer the Cloud Bridge you will come to Ta Van village, inhabited by ethnic minorities. Here you will shake off the sorrows of hustle life that blend into the natural space, living space and culture of ethnic minorities in this place. You could taste special dishes and feel the daily life of ethnic minorities such as H’Mong, Dzao, Dzay, Tay …

Enjoy a cozy and intimate atmosphere in Ban Ho village

At the end of the motor way about 25 km from Sapa town lies a vast and flat valley, circled by mountains and hills. It is Ban Ho valley home to the Tay ethnic. It is divided into three areas: Ta Trung Ho, Xeo Trung Ho and Hoang Lien, which is place of the Mong, Dao, Tay.

Ban Ho village via Sapa Tours From Hanoi

Not too cold as in Ta Phin or Ta Van, the weather is warm in Ban Ho village. Drive on a winding road, with one side of high mountains and one side of abyss. Until you see a light yellow with a bit of reddish-brown leaves of the Hoang Lien national forest and terraced fields, you won’t come to this village.. Go on a bit, you will see a  abandoned stone house beside the road. Next to it, there is a stilt sells brocade, candy, drinks …

Sapa tours in Ban Ho village, you will live in a cozy and intimate atmosphere with indigenous people. In the morning, you can visit Hoang Lien National Park, where there is a variety of plants and animals. Because the climate in the village is warmer than other areas (average 18 – 25 degrees C), visitors can swim in the stream of Lave at noon. Besides, you should watch Da Nhay waterfall near there.

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