Best Beaches in Singapore


As a tiny island that lies along the equator, Singapore is one of the best destinations for outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers looking for some sun. Gather your picnic baskets and sunblock, then head to these beaches and enjoy fascinating summer.

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Tanjong Beach

Home to the iconic Tanjong Beach Club bar, Tanjong Beach has quietly risen to become one of Singapore’s trendiest weekend hangouts for both locals and expats. In fact, the beach has also been nicknamed the “dog’s beach”, a nod to its pet-friendly atmosphere and wide-open space. Tanjong Beach also offers a killer view of the sunset, perfect for winding down on a blissful weekend day.

Siloso Beach via KOSUBLOG

Siloso Beach

Also located in Sentosa Island is Siloso Beach, a family-friendly destination with a wide host of attractions that cater to the adventurous and young at heart. For starters, beachgoers can ride the waves—and tumble minutes later—at Wavehouse Sentosa, a popular spot for locals with an in-house wave simulator. The latest addition—AJ Hackett—is the tallest bungee jumping attraction in Singapore that is almost 50 metres above the ground! For those looking for a less extreme adventure, head over to the Sentosa luge and skyride for a view of the island that overlooks the South China Sea.

Lazarus Island

This pristine island is located off the shores of Singapore and is just a short walking distance from Sisters’ Island. You need to take a ferry to get there, but the journey is worth it when you realise how empty this island is! Because of its location, the beach is not known to many locals or expats, making it the perfect beach hideout. The island is sometimes referred to as “cat island”, since there are plenty of stray cats roaming around. Bring along some treats if you want to!

East Coast Park via Internet Vibes

East Coast Park

Located right on the east side of Singapore, East Coast Park is the largest park in Singapore, with 185 hectares of land that stretches from Marina East to Bedok. Even though East Coast Park is technically not a beach and is built on reclaimed land, it is synonymous with picnics, barbecues and outdoor activities for locals. You can also rent bicycles and roller blades here, making it a great spot for families on weekends.

Changi Beach

One of the oldest coastal beaches in Singapore, Changi Beach retains much of the old school “kampung” aesthetics. The beach is dotted with palm trees, a curious juxtaposition with modern day elements like the frequent sighting of aeroplanes that jet across the sky from the neighbouring Changi Airport. The beach has a historical—albeit grim—significance too, as the site of multiple clashes between the Japanese and Chinese during The Second World War. Today, Changi Beach is popular with families, couples and anyone looking to enjoy the calm sound of crashing waves.

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