Best Restaurants in Sapa (Part 2)


Le Gecko

This French-owned place serves a decent Western menu of pizzas, burgers, pastas, steaks, omelets, and the like, and some local options such as fish served with wild Sapa mushrooms. The patio at Le Gecko is a great place to sit down with a cup of coffee and watch the world go by. Try the “nama chocolate,” a favorite among patrons and only VND 10,000 (US$0.44) a piece. Le Gecko is also a hotel with 12 rooms that range from $18 – $40 a night.

Address: 033 Xuan Vien, Sapa, Vietnam

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Viet Emotion Restaurant

Featuring a cozy fireplace on the inside, Viet Emotion Restaurant is perfect to warm yourself up on cold mountain nights. The menu fills its pages with Western items such as pizza, pasta, and steaks as well as Vietnamese and Sapa specialties, such as herbal medicine hot pot with lemongrass and mushrooms and spring rolls. There are also two computers available for use with free internet access.

Address: 27 Cau May Street, Sapa, Vietnam

Little Sapa Restaurant via Pinterest

Little Sapa

With a large, delicious menu and fast, friendly service, this is another great venue to get some local specialties. The prices are among the lowest in Sapa town; meals can be had for as low as VND 40,000 (US$1.76). A must-try dish is the special Sapa mushroom-tomato soup, which will also help you stay warm in the chilly weather. The pho-ga (chicken noodle soup) is also worth a mention, and probably one of the best pho dishes you can find in town. The fiery garlic sauce that sits on the tables is a great accompaniment to most dishes, but take it easy!

Address: 14 Cau May, Sapa, Vietnam

A Quynh – Nhà hàng Khám Phá Việt

Here’s a restaurant that is a little hard to find information about in English. A Quynh is a favorite among locals and famous for serving Northwest specialties; it is a great option for foreign travelers to try some unique dishes. Residents of Sapa come here to try their “thang co” dish made from meat and internal organs of horse, beef, buffalo, and pork. Other dishes that shine are the bamboo-tube rice, smoking-shelf buffalo, stream fish, sautéed and baked food made from wild boar, and horse hotpot.

Address: 15 Thach Son, Sapa, Vietnam

Red Dao House Restaurant via Panoramio

Red Dao House Restaurant

On the way to Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac), you will find Red Dao House Restaurant, which is set in a traditional-style house of the Red Dao people. On the menu are rural foods such as wild board “heo rung cap nach,” and bamboo-tube rice. Meals are priced affordably, and there is seating outdoors if you wish to bask in the sun.

Address: Thac Bac Street 4b, Sapa , Vietnam

Sapa Lotus

Sapa Lotus stands out from the many other restaurants located down Cau may Street, thanks to its swanky design and classic but unique style. This is the go-to place for Western food with a unique Vietnamese twist. Local dishes are available too, with a similar menu to other restaurants. Order family style – which means you get a couple of dishes and share with one another over chit chat. That’s how the Vietnamese do.

Address: Cau May 304, Sapa, Vietnam

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