Best breakfast and brunch spots in Banqiao, Taipei


You are in a trip to Banqiao and wonder where to eat because the entire neighborhood is now a haven for food and coffee lovers with cafes and restaurants seemingly popping up overnight. Don’t worry, here are seven of the best brunch and breakfast spots in Banqiao that will help your choice.

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Puchi Loft

Puchi Loft is an extremely popular brunch place, and with good reason. The menu consists of the usual suspects along with some interesting and creative options. Garlic toast topped with honey?  Yes, you know you want to try it. The food is well presented and prepared to a very high standard and what’s more, it’s actually quite affordable.

Address: Wenhua Road Section 1, 26 Alley 3 Lane 270, New Taipei City, Taiwan

1925 Caf’e

A bright and colorful place which is just as much about the friendly atmosphere as it is the food. The staff are really happy, polite and more than willing to help out in any way they can. The cuisine is a nice mix of Asian and Western, so no matter what your tastes are, you’re sure to find something on the menu. The portions are just the right size and priced to match. For a decent brunch with good variety, this makes the ideal choice.

Address: Songjiang Street 74, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Fuku Brunch via Momo Shares

Fuku Brunch

The combination of excellent decor and friendly service make this a valid option for brunch, but it’s the excellent food that makes it super popular with locals in the area. From fried chicken to French toast, there are various options on the menu; each prepared to perfection. The portions are decent and the drinks tasty, but be warned that it does get busy at lunchtime.

Address: Songjiang Street 70, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Good Early Breakfast

Notorious for its high quality brunches, Good Early Breakfast is not the place to sit back and relax on a slow morning. It’s busy, full of life and vitality, but that’s a good thing. People in Taiwan love their food, so if a place is busy then it must be doing something right. The breakfast and brunch options here are the usual hamburger and sandwich items, but they are absolutely delicious and very reasonably priced. Well worth queuing up for (which you might have to).

Address: Wenhua Road Section 2, 70 Lane 125, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Enjoy Breakfast

If you like to experience local cuisine at breakfast time, then this place has a great menu, fusing both Taiwanese and Western breakfast dishes. It’s a cozy little eatery and while it can get a little busy, you can usually find a seat anytime of the day. This place is all about the food and by adding a few unusual twists to local dishes, they have set themselves apart from the crowd.

Address: Xianmin Boulevard Section 3, 1 Lane 270, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Hou Hou Ga Breakfast via

Hou Hou Ga Breakfast

The staff are always smiling at this brunch joint, making it one of the most enjoyable stops on the list. The atmosphere is so welcoming and inviting, that you could sit here with just a coffee and simply soak it up. However, we’re talking about food here, and the offerings here are of high quality; just large enough to keep you going through the afternoon. Whether it’s spaghetti, salad, or a simple burger, it’s all on the menu and it’s all pretty tasty.

Address: Chongching Road 29 Lane 76, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Wandao Breakfast

This place on the other hand, is an infinitely more relaxing option than the previously mentioned restaurant. With a huge glass front window, the entire floor gets plenty of natural light, making it a great place to sit and read. But before you do that, you must try the brunch. Everything is cooked to order, with fresh, tasty ingredients. Portions are perfectly sized and there’s a real emphasis on healthy cuisine and sustainability here, which makes a refreshing change. They even have stainless steel straws to help protect the environment.

Address: Wenchang Street 22, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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