Top Things to See and Do in Indonesia (Part 2)


Snorkel or dive in Bunaken

The Bunaken National Marine Park is where you’ll want to go if diving or snorkeling is your thing. These deep waters offer fantastic visibility and some of the world’s most biodiverse marine life. Keep an eye out for tuna, sharks, rays, turtles, and sea snakes. Entry to the marine park is 50,000 IDR per person, though children under 10 enter free.

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Have a spa day

When you are in a place like this, it only seems right to treat your body to some probably much needed, deep pampering treatments. Getting a massage is basically a given, but why not do it on a beach. Body wraps, facials, manicures, and pedicures are also a nice bonus. Prices will vary but expect to pay at least 270,000 IDR.

Broaden your taste buds

With such a mass amount of islands composing Indonesia, there is a huge number of different cuisines to try. Don’t get stuck eating the same thing over and over again. Javanese, Sundanese, Padang, and Balinese food are just a few different preparations to get excited about.

Balinese food via Almost Landing – Bali 

Visit Yogyakarta

Known as Yogya for short, this city is considered to be the main tourist city of Java. There is an interesting blend of old customs with modern living here and a certain artistic and intellectual presence hangs in the air. There are a number of restaurants, clubs, shopping areas, historical sights, and museums to check out.

Shop in Denpasar

This is the capital of Bali and essentially the central spot of development and financial growth on the island for the past two decades. It is heavily populated and there are a number of shops to see as well as an arts center and the Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali.

See the orangutans in Sumatra

A mysterious and very human creature, the orangutan finds its habitat on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. A visit to see these primates is a moving experience. And, given the rapid deforestation and fires in the area, you probably want to do this sooner rather than later as these animals are gravely endangered.

Kalibaru station via Wikimedia Commons

Explore village life in Kalibaru

Kalibaru is a small village on the southeastern side of Java. It’s quiet, secluded, and a great place to tour a local cacao plantation or one of the many other types of plantations in the area on your way to or from Bali.

Find tranquility in the Bogor Botanical Gardens

65km outside of hectic Jakarta, lie the Bogor Botanical Gardens. With over 200 acres of land and 15,000 species of plants and trees, the gardens are a lovely spot in which to lose yourself for a couple of hours. It is currently operated by Indonesian Institute of Sciences. The Gardens are located in the city center and adjoin the presidential palace compound of Istana Bogor.

The geographic position of Bogor means it rains almost daily, even in the dry season. This makes the Garden an advantageous location for the cultivation of tropical plants.

Founded in 1817 by the order of the government of the Dutch East Indies, the Garden thrived under the leadership of many renowned botanists including Johannes Elias Teijsmann, Rudolph Herman Christiaan Carel Scheffer, and Melchior Treub. Since its foundation, Bogor Botanical garden has served as a major research center for agriculture and horticulture. It is the oldest botanical garden in Southeast Asia. Admission is around 13,000 IDR.

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